TECHNICALLY STILL RADIO WARS: Former Fanatic Host Rips Former Fanatic Host

Nat and Joe's Twitter pictures

It’s not exactly RADIO WARS, but it is two former employees of 97.5 the Fanatic going at it on social media.

Joe Staszak, who was unceremoniously dumped from the station in June (and still has the 97.5 tag on his twitter handle), shared an “interesting” opinion on the 76ers’ decision to hire Kate Scott as their new play-by-play announcer in a now-deleted tweet (unlucky for Joe the internet lives forever):

YEESH. NOT GOOD. I’m sure Joe quickly realized his opinion was a bit harsh and apologized for how he may have come off, right?

Oh my no. He attempted to tweet through it:

Sadly, he probably thought he nailed this.

The responses to Staszak were fierce and perfect. Natalie Egenolf, also a former Fanatic employee, shared her thoughts on Mr. Staszak and interactions she allegedly had with him in the past:

Well played, Nat.

Alright, let’s never talk about this Staszak idiot again.

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