Terrell Owens Says He’d “Knock Chunky Soup” Out of Donovan McNabb in a Fight

Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens.

Two goof balls who could have/should have won a title together.

Instead, we’re more than 15 years down the road with these guys continuing to snipe each other, and the latest salvo across the demilitarized zone comes from T.O., who said on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast that he’d knock the chunky soup out of Donovan:


The thing about Donovan and T.O. is that this beef has gone on for so long that I can’t even remember what the problem is. Owens alleged this year (again) that McNabb was out drinking the night before the Super Bowl. Donovan thinks T.O. was a distraction who screwed up the Birds’ promising campaign when he decided to do sit ups in his drive way and all of that.

We’re gonna have to get these two dummies in a ring to settle this once and for all. It is inevitably heading that way. Hell in a Cell? Boxing match?

Winner gets Jake Paul. Loser gets Ben Askren.

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