The Applebee’s Commercial is Absolutely Brutal

Nothing against Applebee’s, which seems like a generically acceptable suburban institution. You’re not going there for five-star dining, but basic grub instead.

However, this commercial has to go.

It aired about 500 times during this recent college football Saturday, and it features a bunch of people on TikTok dancing to a song called “Fancy Like” by some doofus named Walker Hayes. See how long you can listen to/watch this before you want to put your head into a Ninja blender and press the “on” button:

Over and over and over again. During college football. You had to ride the mute button on the remote control or leave the room during every break.

Here’s a sampling of the nation’s reaction:

It’s that bad. It is horrendous.

Every year it seems like we’re subjected to some commercial or song that is just hammered into our skull incessantly, and there’s no escaping. A few years back, ESPN played that Imagine Dragons tune during every college football promo for 13 weeks straight. This year it’s gonna be Doofus McDoofus with his fake country song about Applebee’s.

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