The Carson Wentz Experience Is Already On Full Display In Indianapolis

Mykal McEldowney/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Who remembers the old “Michael Vick Experience” commercial? Where a fan rides a simulator that lets him feel as if he was Vick scoring a rushing touchdown in an NFL game?

Three weeks into the NFL season and Colts fans find themselves strapped into the “Carson Wentz Experience.” This ride, however, features a lot less thrilling touchdowns and a lot more hobbling trips to the training room.

Indianapolis is getting an accelerated crash course on the ups and downs of Wentz fandom, as the already banged up quarterback is garnering some less than positive reviews from one side of the Indy sports media and some all-too-familiar sounding excuses from the other side.

Holds onto the ball too long? We heard it. It’s actually the offensive line’s fault? We heard it. Poor decision making in the red zone? We heard it. He’s done his own research on the vaccine so he doesn’t need to get the shot? We didn’t hear that one, but I’m sure we would have if he stuck around.

They’re playing the hits down in Indianapolis and for once it’s nice to be watching from the DJ booth and not out on the dancefloor. Is this how I looked for the last four years? Grasping at any flimsy piece of evidence I could find to keep from plummeting into the cavernous truth that maybe he really wasn’t all that good outside of 13 games in 2017.

The excuses are still so fresh in my mind I can picture myself fervently tweeting out to Carson’s defense after every single head scratching interception. He didn’t have the weapons! He had no receivers! The line was terrible! The injuries weren’t his fault!

And of course we’re already at the point of the year where he’s unveiled the newest injury that will hamper him for the rest of the season. The injury-du-jour this year seems to be not a single, but a DOUBLE ankle sprain that is threatening his start for Sunday’s matchup against the Tennessee Titans. The Colts will have to turn to practice squad QB Brett Hundley or backup Jacob Eason, who didn’t exactly set the world on fire during limited time last week.

Frankly I think the Colts should tape him up, buy a couple of $20 ankle braces from Dicks, and send him out on his way. It’s the least he could do for his teammates. Prove the doubters wrong, Carson.

Just a reminder that my opinion on his playing time is in no way affected by his 2021-2022 snap count percentage and its effect on a potential Eagles 1st round pick in the 2022 NFL draft. That would make me a pretty crappy journalist if that factored into my writing.

Apropos of nothing, let’s just get an update on where Carson stands on the snap count:

96%. Beautiful. See you on the field this Sunday, Carson.