Trysta Krick Says She’s Going to “be on WIP in Philly” (Updated 2X)

Trysta Krick's Twitter profile picture


I didn’t know who Trysta Krick was until Coggin brought this to my attention. Apparently she’s a former Barstool podcaster who ran a show called This League, which I’m told was not very popular. I’ll listen to an episode later today, but a quick glance at Apple Podcasts reveals a 2.1 rating out of five possible stars.

Krick went on Twitter and announced her departure, but she names 94 WIP as one of several new destinations:

“I will be on WIP in Philly… shout out to Philly for making my career take the next step.. because of you Philly fans, without your rage, none of this would be possible.”

Apparently she said a bunch of dumb shit about Ben Simmons during the playoffs. As did most people. Take a number and wait in line.

I’ll send out a few text messages and see if I can figure out where they’re gonna put Ms. Krick, or how they plan to use her. If she drops stupid takes just for attention, I can think of a few time slots that will work perfectly for her. Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. comes to mind.


A Crossing Broad reader summed up Krick this way:

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