WIP Morning Show Continues Grand Tradition of Awful Poll Questions

I think Ava Graham took this picture

Two weeks into the NFL season and I’m not sure the WIP Morning Show will be able to top itself. Pace yourself, gang, you’ve got 16 more weeks to come up with terrible poll questions and you don’t want to peak early.

I hesitate to give this attention because we’re basically feeding the bridge troll that is Angelo Cataldi at this point, but we’re an IRREVERENT SPORTS BLOG so it’s our duty to shine a spotlight on stupidity from the media in all its forms.

Are you guys ready to have this discussion? Strap in, because Angelo and the gang are asking the TOUGH questions the rest of Philadelphia sports media are too scared to even touch.

I read that around 7:40 a.m. this morning and felt like the guy in “Scanners” whose head explodes on national television. What are we doing here? Is Angelo already pining for a guy he’s spent the last 900 days lambasting on air whose led his team to an 0-2 start and left with an apparent ankle injury in the fourth quarter?

If the next poll asks about Nick Foles the blood is just going to come pouring out of my eyes and ears. I can’t take it. What’s next? A 35-minute segment on if Jalen Hurts is a “Philly guy” or not?

I get it! I truly get it. I swear I do. Everything the station and the Morning Show does is designed to get attention. Does anyone on that show really think Carson Wentz should make a triumphant, limp-laden return to the Linc? OF COURSE NOT. But they get idiots like me to give it attention and make it a “thing.” I can’t help it.

I’m reminded of a mid-90s infomercial I used to watch all the time for a fishing lure known as the “Banjo Minnow.” The lure’s big selling point was that it movements mirrored those of a dying minnow, which would trigger a GENETIC RESPONSE in a bass to strike even if they weren’t hungry.

These polls trigger a genetic response in my dumb brain that make me lash out. I know they’re idiotic, but I can’t help it. I’m genetically programmed to respond.

At least I’m not alone. Here are a few of the typical responses to the poll.

A-plus responses, gang. I’m proud of all of you.