Shams and Woj reported earlier on Monday that Klutch Sports Group is working with the Sixers to get Ben Simmons back to Philadelphia.

Will he report? Will he claim injury? Will Joel Embiid put him in the Camel Clutch when Simmons walks into the Camden training facility?

Only time will tell, but the fines continue, and we continue to add it all up.

We’re working off this graphic:

Here’s your updated fine listing:

  • September 27th – missed media day: ~$50,000
  • September 28th – missed practice: $2,500
  • September 29th – missed practice: $5,000
  • September 30th – missed practice: $7,500
  • October 1st – off day
  • October 2nd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 3rd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 4th – missed preseason game: $227,000
  • October 5th – off day
  • October 6th – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 7th – missed preseason game: $227,000
  • October 8th – off day
  • October 9th – missed practice (before the Blue X White scrimmage) ~$50,000
  • October 10th – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 11th – missed preseason game: $227,000

Calculations have us right around $1,000,600. That’s a lot of money. Seven figures, if those maximum fines are levied. We’re just putting together a loose thread of information here, but pissing away a million dollaz has to hurt.

This has been your Ben Simmons fine calculator update for Monday, 10/11/21.