One of our readers suggested we should do a daily update tracking the amount of money Ben Simmons has been fined, and that was a good idea. A fantastic idea.

We’re working off this template citing ESPN’s Bobby Marks, who broke down the fine structure as such:

I love that Ben favorited that Instagram post.

Anyway, here’s how much money he’s been fined, based on the chart:

  • September 27th – missed media day: ~$50,000
  • September 28th – missed practice: $2,500
  • September 29th – missed practice: $5,000
  • September 30th – missed practice: $7,500
  • October 1st – off day
  • October 2nd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 3rd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 4th – missed preseason game: $227,000
  • October 5th – off day

It’s a little tricky to calculate, since the wording on some of the fines includes “up to.” We don’t know if the full amount is being levied against him. Hence the use of the ~ symbol.

But for the sake of the exercise, if we use the maximum fine number for those days, and then add it all up, Ben has so far lost something like $392,000, which would pay off many mortgages in the greater Philadelphia region. For him, it’s chump change, but you see how this thing escalates pretty quickly.

This has been your Ben Simmons fine calculator update.


I should point out that the Sixers took the $8.25 million Simmons was owed last week, and instead put it in an escrow account. It’s been reported that these fines will be deducted from that account as this hold out progresses.