Ben Simmons Fine Calculator: Nearing Half a Mill

photo credit: Kinker

At Crossing Broad, we’re doing journalism for the people. We’re calculating the amount of money Ben Simmons is facing in fines due to his hold out, which is in week number two.

We’re working off this chart:

We’re beyond practice number four, so here’s your update:

  • September 27th – missed media day: ~$50,000
  • September 28th – missed practice: $2,500
  • September 29th – missed practice: $5,000
  • September 30th – missed practice: $7,500
  • October 1st – off day
  • October 2nd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 3rd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 4th – missed preseason game: $227,000
  • October 5th – off day
  • October 6th – missed practice: ~$50,000

Add it all up and we’re in the range of $442,000. Close to half a million. And that’s assuming those $50k fines are the full amount. It’s a little tricky since the wording from Bobby Marks reads “up to,” which indicates varying dollar amounts. For the sake of our exercise, we’ll just work off the max possible number.

It’s worth pointing out as well that the Sixers took the $8.25 million Simmons was owed last week, and instead put it in an escrow account. It’s been reported that these fines will be deducted from that account as Ben’s hold out progresses.

This has been your Ben Simmons fine update.

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