Ben Simmons Fine Calculator: The Hemorrhaging of Cash

photo credit: Kinker

It’s time for your daily Ben Simmons fine update.

We’re working off this graphic:

With the Raptors in town for a preseason game on Thursday night, we’ll add that missed exhibition to the list:

  • September 27th – missed media day: ~$50,000
  • September 28th – missed practice: $2,500
  • September 29th – missed practice: $5,000
  • September 30th – missed practice: $7,500
  • October 1st – off day
  • October 2nd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 3rd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 4th – missed preseason game: $227,000
  • October 5th – off day
  • October 6th – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 7th – missed preseason game: $227,000

The total is now up to ~$669,000. That’s enough to pay off your mortgage and my mortgage at the same time, assuming you’re not a Center City lawyer or a Main Line cardiologist, among other professions more lucrative than “sports blogger.”

This has been your Ben Simmons fine update.

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