Ben Simmons is Due $8.25 Million Today (Update)

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a little wrinkle in the Ben Simmons hold out situation:

Kind of a funky thing here, but let’s start with some context:

Ben is entering year two of a five year, $177 million max contract he signed back in the summer of 2019. He’s set to earn $33 million this season then $35 million, $37 million, and $40 million before becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2025, at age 29.

Part of the contract language says that 25% of his salary is due in July and 25% is due October 1st, according to Spotrac, so here we are. On October 1st.

The other thing to familiarize yourself with is the dollar amount Ben is being fined for missing practices and games. This graphic was put together I think by Bleacher Report, but I have to triple check. It’s been floating around the interwebs, credited to Bobby Marks at ESPN:

The fines escalate pretty steeply, which is why holdouts in the NBA are very rare. It’s much different from the NFL and other sports. Just this week alone, from missing media day and four practices, Ben will have forfeited $115,000. Then he’ll start getting docked even more as we get further into the preseason.

I don’t know specifically how the Sixers have to approach disbursement of the $8.25 million, but I have a few text messages out and will update the post if I can figure that out. I’d think the Sixers just cut him the check so they remain in compliance with the contract language, and then the NBA can step in to sort this all out if or when Ben is traded. That’s probably in the team’s best interest, to avoid a breach of contract regardless of Ben’s hold out. Stay compliant and try to take the high road.


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