Doc Rivers is “Assuming” that Ben Simmons Came Back to Play

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers practiced today in Camden and the assembled scribes are reporting back information to the masses.

Some tidbits, starting with Derek “Godner” Bodner:

Well that doesn’t sound very reassuring. Simmons came back to Philly on Monday and you’d think they’d get this thing straightened out. They’re not gonna tell us all of the behind the scenes stuff, but the optics of Rivers acting like he has no clue? That’s a little weird.

Rich Hofmann:

“We’re not asking him to shoot jump shots”

Well he should have learned by now. It’s year number five. It’s not too much to ask for the man to expand on his offensive game.

It’s also interesting to see this quote since Danny Green spoke about Ben Simmons in the past tense this offseason. It seemed like he thought Ben was gone and never coming back. Might still be true in a sense, if Simmons doesn’t suit up and take the floor.


Simmons can’t participate in team sessions until Friday anyway, due to NBA health and safety protocol rules. That’s a result of him returning to Philadelphia from out of market and having to adhere to guidelines that were updated at the beginning of the season.

As far as when Simmons will be in front of the media, it would be Friday at the soonest, if he does go ahead and play. Then he would likely be made available to traveling reporters, which will probably just be the Inquirer folks, and maybe Rich or Derek, if The Athletic sends them. Otherwise, since Ben is training on his own, and has yet to join team practices, he’s not the media mix for the time being.