Eagles Draft Pick Tracker: Post Zach Ertz Trade Update

The Eagles got a 5th round draft pick in the Zach Ertz deal.

Here’s an updated look at the selections they currently have in 2022;

  • natural 1st rounder
  • 1st rounder from Dolphins (in the trade down from six to 12)
  • 2nd rounder from Indianapolis Colts (becomes a first rounder if Carson Wentz plays 75% of snaps, or 70% with a playoff appearance
  • natural second rounder
  • natural third rounder
  • natural fourth rounder
  • natural fifth rounder
  • 5th rounder from Washington Football Team (they sent WFT a 6th and 7th rounder in the most recent draft)
  • 5th rounder from Arizona Cardinals (Ertz trade)
  • 6th rounder from Indianapolis Colts (Matt Pryor trade)

Howie Roseman has done a very nice bit of business compiling draft picks for 2022.

The Dolphins trade netted them an extra first, and the Wentz pick looks like it will convey as a first. So they are positioned to have three first rounders, and they won’t be bottom of the barrel picks, because Indy kind of stinks and Miami ain’t lighting the world on fire either.

Beyond that, they got the 5th from Washington in exchange for some 2021 trash, then scraped another 5th for Ertz. They got a 6th for Matt Pryor and sent a conditional 6th to Jacksonville for Gardner Minshew, so it’s a nice haul of picks for a rebuilding team. A lot of picks coming in, not much going out.

The only issue is that fucking Howie is making the selections again. We think.