“Eagles Made Some Huge Plays” – Baldy Breaks Down the Comeback Win

Glass half full after that win?

Or glass still half empty?

Carolina was pretty bad. Sam Darnold was horrendous. But even though the Birds’ offense was lifeless and dull for the better part of three quarters, the D and special teams really showed up to solidify one of the more improbable wins in recent history.

Here’s former Bird Brian Baldinger going through the film:

“Jalen Hurts fights that urge to run”

Huge play in the game, and an example of what Hurts needs to do to take the next step at the NFL level. He really hung in there and took a hit, and the end result was a 53-yard gain that set them up for a score, cutting the Carolina lead to two.

“Eagles made some huge plays”

Great hit from McLeod on that first sequence, probably the perfect example if you wanted to pick out one play that kind of summed up what the Eagles defense was all about on Sunday.

And there’s some irony about Shaun Bradley getting on the ball after the blocked punt, right? Go figure one of Matt Rhule’s former Temple Owls would be Johnny on the spot in a crucial moment. Just great stuff all around from the D and the special teams.

“Swat, swat, swat”

Hargrave is now up to six sacks this season, which is ridiculous through five games. His career high is 6.5, and he’s playing at an all-pro level and on track to earn some individual honors. Pro Bowl, etc.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the D line generating pressure like this. Jonathan Gannon has shown a preference to sit back with two safeties and there’s very little blitzing, so if the front four can get to the QB with frequency, it makes the “scheme” work. I use quotations around “scheme” because J.G. claims he doesn’t have one.

“They finally started calling some runs”

Those zone reads targeting Reddick’s side were really effective. They ran this 3-4 times in the second half and got great results out of each play. And the footwork to escape Reddick on that two-point conversion was fantastic. Hurts didn’t have a great passing day, but made big plays with his feet in the “guts of the game,” as Marc Zumoff would say.

“Just taking him for a ride”

Miles Sanders made some dumb decisions in the fourth quarter, but those outside runs with Dillard and Mailata grouped together were really effective. Just go unbalanced there, stretch the field, and open some gaps. You’d think anything resembling outside zone would be effective for Sanders, who shows a proclivity for bouncing his runs to the outside. Give him two tackles to run behind and you get some good results.