Even the Trash Can Alligator Guy is Dunking on Ben Simmons

from CBS Philly

You see that video with the guy going after the alligator with the garbage bin? He corners the gator and shoves it in the can and then turns the thing upright. The video went viral and it turns out the guy is from Philadelphia, but currently living in Florida.

He was interviewed by CBS Philly and around the 1:00 mark of this video he viciously dunks on Ben Simmons, who remains a Sixers hold out:

“I said you know what, I’m not gonna be Ben Simmons”

Damn lol. This is just as good as the “unlike Agholor” guy. Instant Philadelphia Hall of Fame status.

If you’re keeping track, Ben has now been dunked on by the viral alligator trash can guy, AND a 5’7″, 69-year-old meteorologist. When you get dunked on by Hurricane Schwartz, and then Eugene Bozzi piles on, you have to call it quits. You can never show your face in Philadelphia again.