Fletcher Cox Confident in Coaching Staff, but “Didn’t Agree” with Eagles’ Defensive Calls

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Fletcher Cox hasn’t had a great season. Eleven tackles, one sack, and three quarterback hits over seven games.

He’s not exactly been lighting the world on fire in the effort or dynamism departments, and part of that can be attributed to Jonathan Gannon’s passive scheme, which Cox showed umbrage with postgame in Vegas:

“I don’t get paid to play screens.”

Yeah? Well you’re the highest paid player on the team, so you gotta do something. I know the scheme sucks. It sucks to watch and it’s probably worse to play in, when you’re a defensive tackle eating double teams and unable to get to the quarterback.

Hopefully Cox has gone to Jonathan Gannon and said something like this:

“Man this is fugazi. You can’t play two-deep safeties for the entire fucking game. Can we please get a blitz up in here? Bring a linebacker down in the box. Go dime or let us stay in base for a little bit. You are killing me. I want you to be successful, and in order to be successful you must listen to me, because I’ve been to Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl. Help me help you.”

Something along those lines.

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