Fuel Your Autumn Activities with Cynch Propane Delivery

Cynch Propane Delivery

Fall is in full force and now is the perfect time to schedule your next propane delivery with Cynch. Whether you’re planning on fueling your next football tailgate, grilling on the weekend, or spending time around the fire table with family and friends, there’s an activity for everyone that can be fueled by propane. In fairness, any time is the right time to sneak in some grilling, while the cooler daytime and evening temperatures give even more opportunities to gather around a fire table with good food and great company. There’s only one thing that could ruin these perfect fall days: running out of propane. Imagine being able to order your propane grill tanks ahead of time, getting the tank delivered right to your home, and not even having to leave the couch in the process…

Cynch is doing just that – delivering propane grill tanks right to your door. A Cynch driver comes to your home, picks up your used tank(s) on your scheduled delivery date, and delivers a fresh propane tank at your preferred location – be it your front doorstep, driveway, or porch. You won’t have to take your used tank to your local hardware or convenience store. In fact, you won’t even have to leave your house. Cynch will deliver a fresh propane tank to your home so you can fuel your Autumn activities. New Cynch customers can get their first tank exchange delivered for just $10. Use our promo code ITSLIT5 at checkout to get this extraordinary deal. The best part is that your first Cynch tank exchange will cost less than half of a local exchange. It takes just 5 easy steps to have your propane tank(s) delivered right to your door, driveway, or porch.

  • Head over to www.cynch.com.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • Order the number of tanks you need.
  • Select your delivery date and drop-off location.
  • Leave out your used tank(s) for the exchange.

This straightforward process that makes propane delivery on your schedule possible.

There are plenty of people who would ardently argue that Autumn is the best of the four seasons. It’s certainly a peak time for any sports fan. The NFL and college football seasons are entering their seventh and eight weeks, respectively. The NHL dropped the puck a week ago and the NBA tipped off earlier this week. Plus, the MLB Playoffs are heating up as teams battle for a World Series berth.

This provides ample opportunities to tailgate ahead of your favorite football team’s game. It gives the chance to light up the fire table and listen to the MLB Playoffs on the radio. It allows for sports fans to take a TV outside and watch their favorite NBA or NHL teams next to the heat of a patio lamp.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy any of these activities without the stress of needing to make a propane tank exchange at a hardware or convenience store thanks to Cynch. Cynch will deliver the propane you need to fuel your Autumn activities on your schedule.

If you’re in need of an additional tank or two to fuel more propane accessories, you’re in luck. Cynch will deliver additional tanks with no exchange required for just $59.99.

Whether you’re a grill master or someone who just enjoys spending time by the fire table with those who matter the most, there’s a propane-fueled activity for everyone. Don’t run out of propane. Don’t stress out about a propane exchange. Schedule your propane delivery with Cynch and let them take care of the hard work for you. Make sure you use our promo code ITSLIT5 when you schedule your exchange.*

*Plus sales tax where applicable. Valid through 12/31/21. Offer valid in Cynch service areas only. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for details.

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