Here’s a Golden Knight Battling a Virtual Kraken

from ESPN broadcast

The Seattle Kraken made their NHL debut on Tuesday night. Great game, if you stayed up to watch it on ESPN, which feels very bizarre. Bizarre to watch the NHL on ESPN again after all of these years.

Anyway, Seattle was in Vegas, and the Golden Knights did a pregame routine where this Knight on skates dispatched a virtual Kraken in what looked like something out of Diablo 3:

Holy shit. That was cool.

Not accurate, though. In real life, a Kraken would defeat a Golden Knight.

The Flyers open Friday against Vancouver, so they need to rise to the occasion and come up with a pregame routine of their own. Maybe we can get Gritty bashing a giant Canuck/whale over the head with a cheesesteak. Then the crowd goes wild and cheers the Flyers to a 3-0 win.

And next week, when Seattle comes to town, the Flyers do a video tribute to former coach Dave Hakstol (sarcasm), then replicate the Kraken scene from the above video clip. But instead of a Golden Knight toasting the squid with fire, a fan jumps into the penalty box and starts throwing punches at the cephalopod.