Here’s Marshawn Lynch Dropping an F Bomb on Live Television

from ESPN broadcast

‘Manning Cast’ was back for Monday Night Football, and it didn’t disappoint.

Tom Brady joined the show. Sue Bird and Drew Brees Marshawn Lynch, too, and on a goofy play that was blown dead by the refs, we got a laugh out loud moment from Beast Mode:

Lynch noted that he did three shots of Henny before joining the program. One for himself, one for Peyton, and one for Eli.

The broadcast is fantastic. You really learn a lot and get some great moments of honesty. It’s like there’s so much respect for Peyton and Eli that these guests are willing to be candid and share a lot of interesting and unique bits of information. You wouldn’t get that in typical interaction with a media member.

Obviously the broadcast is a little herky-jerky for the fact that Peyton and Eli are not seasoned television guys. The smoothness of getting in and out of commercial breaks leaves something to be desired, but nobody should be surprised by that. This isn’t a polished production; it’s two legends of the game basically kicking it.