Seems like every Seattle Seahawks game features at least one crazy sequence. Or multiple crazy sequences. Last night we had Geno Smith looking like the 2012 Orange Bowl version of Geno Smith.

And in the third quarter, we had one of the most random things you will ever see. A double punt:

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman obviously got that one wrong. You are, indeed, allowed to kick the ball again as long as it doesn’t cross the line of scrimmage.

From rule 9, section 1 of the NFL’s 2021 Rulebook:

“A second kick from behind the line of scrimmage is legal provided the ball has not crossed the line.”

You’re only penalized if the ball crosses over the line of scrimmage, then it bounces BACK TO YOU and you kick it again. That’s a 10-yard penalty and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that called in my 37 years on the Planet Earth. It’s uber-rare.

But yeah, in this case, the punt is blocked, Michael Dickson impressively pulls off the one-hand scoop, and then boots the ball all the way down to the ten yard line.

All hail the double punt.