New Flyers Goal Song: Down to Three Finalists

Big Flyers news on a Wednesday.

The team announced three finalists for the new goal song. We’ve narrowed the focus. Whittled it down.

They are:

  • Tarzan Boy by Baltimora
  • Beer by Reel Big Fish
  • This Girl by Kungs and Cookin on 3 Burners

These choices are alright. Not terrible. Reel Big Fish is the old-school ska punk band that started in California back in the early 1990s. Beer is a decent tune, and it’s right here if you’ve never heard it:

The second song is Tarzan Boy by Baltimora. These guys were a one-hit wonder back in the eighties. Russ tells me that some wrestler from AEW uses this as his entrance music. Some guy named “Jungle Boy.” The bass absolutely slaps here:

And This Girl is a remix that came out about ten years ago. You might not know the name of the song or the artists, but it’s one of those where you start listening and you’re like, “oh yeah, I know this song” –

These songs aren’t terrible, but none of them make me think of hockey. Say Coots blasts home a first-timer from the blue line, and then Tarzan Boy starts blaring over the loudspeakers? Huh? The Flyers’ crowd has always been more amenable to Megadeth and Pantera. They’re my type of people.

Going through social media and reading replies, it seems like a lot of fans wanted to bring back DOOP, which is the Union’s goal song that was stolen from Borussia Monchengladbach. You don’t have to worry about “taking” it from the Union since the Union took it from a European team. So I say fair game to the fans that were calling for a DOOP redux.

Anyway, here’s the blurb from the Flyers:

Ahead of the new season, the Philadelphia Flyers have a new-look roster, and soon, they’ll have a new song to celebrate Flyers goals scored at Wells Fargo Center. After fans submitted more than 4,000 suggestions and nominations, and after the team tried out different goal songs throughout the team’s three preseason games, the list has been narrowed down to three finalists. Fans now have a chance to evaluate the finalists as part of the final selection process, which will also include input from Flyers players. Fans can rank the finalists at The fan survey deadline is Tuesday, October 12.

There can only be one winner.


This goes without saying, but obviously the songs pick up at a specific point. They don’t just start them from the beginning. If you click on the link above you see these suggested start times:

Tarzan Boy
Recommended Start time: 1:13

Recommended Start Time: 1:00

Recommended Start Time: 2:44

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