Nick Sirianni Clarifies Lane Johnson Visor Sticker

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Sirianni wore three numbers on his visor Sunday afternoon. Number 65, for Lane Johnson. Number 56 for Isaac Seumalo. And number 55 for Brandon Graham.  

The former is dealing with a personal matter and the latter two are out for the season, but does the selection of visor stickers constitute any sort of pattern?

Tim McManus asked about it Monday:

Q.What’s the latest with T Lane Johnson? We saw that you had his number on your visor yesterday. Is that reflective of him being out for the season? I feel like that’s normally when you put those up there.(Tim McManus)

NICK SIRIANNI: No with, that, I just wanted those guys that I had on there, that’s not reflective that he’ll be out for the season. Still working through a personal matter, and we’re here for Lane for everything and all our guys through good times and bad times.

But no, that was just I wanted those guys to know that they are a part of it and they were there with us. Even though they weren’t there on the field with us, they were there with us, and they have contributed to everything that’s going on here and to this organization.

So he just wanted to show support. Got it.

Johnson has missed two games in a row while dealing with this personal matter, which we reported as a complicated family thing. He drove home to Oklahoma the weekend of the Chiefs game, and then was reportedly brought back to Philly by Eagles security guy Big Dom.

Nothing to do with the ankle though. The ankle is fine. Should he not play on Thursday, though, is it going to be Jordan Mailata at right tackle again? –

Q.You mentioned Lane Johnson a minute or so ago. If he’s not back Thursday night, do you see Jordan Mailata still playing right tackle and how do you think he did at right tackle on Sunday?(Martin Frank)

NICK SIRIANNI: I would expect if he’s not back that we’d be in a similar look that we were in yesterday. I thought did he a good job. He gave up a couple plays as far as sacks, but he brushed it off. There was a lot of bad there on the offensive side. There were a lot of guys that had to brush it off and play the next play, but he fought till the end. He finished. He did some good things. He has to clean up some things like we all do from that game, but was happy to get him back on the field and rolling with us, because we know how valuable he is to this football team. 

The Birds offensive line on Sunday included Andre Dillard, Landon Dickerson, Jason Kelce, Jack Driscoll, and Jordan Mailata. That’s three backups and one guy playing out of position to cover for an absence.

One more quote:

Q. I wanted to ask you about LB Davion Taylor, he seemed to get his most playing time so far. What did he show you to earn that? Obviously, he’s healthy now and what did you see from him? And then just a quick follow-up on Lane, are you confident he will play again this year? Are you saying that, or is that still to be determined? (Reuben Frank)

NICK SIRIANNI: As far as Davion goes, he had a great – he was really showing up in OTAs and in training camp and really showing good ability and explosive play-making ability. So, we really wanted to be able to play him early and often and just he got injured. He was out for an extended period of time, but we were really high and hopeful on Davion right from the very beginning. It’s just good to have him back and good to have him rolling through everything.

As far as Lane, we’re hopeful that Lane will be back this year. Again, not going to go into that any more than that but we’re hopeful to have him back because we know how important Lane is to this football team.