Sixers President Teases Already-Leaked Jerseys

via Twitter (Chris Heck)

I think we actually forgot to put this on the site back in September, but the Sixers’ new jerseys were accidentally leaked by draft pick Charles Bassey:

This would seem to confirm it. A tease from team president Chris Heck,* who showed us a picture of a throwback credential, when the Sixers played at The Spectrum. You see the same old-school color pattern, with the matching font:

Pretty cool. You like that? You like that? <Kirk Cousins voice>

*People gave Chris shit for the “New Philadelphia” comments, and the Boathouse Row design, but I thought all of that was pretty cool. The Sixers are generally much more creative than the other teams when it comes to trying new things or going with unique designs, or thinking in a different way. Boathouse Row is a notablePhilly landmark, which was nice to see. There’s enough Liberty Bell imagery out there already.