There are Still People Dying on the Ben Simmons Hill

from Ben Simmons' Instagram

Rhetorical question:

Can you still be a Ben Simmons supporter after what transpired this week?

Not one foot on the support wagon and one foot off. More like unconditional support. There are a handful of smart Ben supporters out there who are capable of using nuance, but that’s not very common.

You would think half-assing practice and getting yourself suspended might be the final straw, but in very odd fashion, there are still a decent amount of national people who continue to die on the Ben hill, like this guy:

It’s called a contract man. He signed a contract here and has four years remaining on it. He is earning tens of millions of dollars.

Take this guy’s blue check mark away.

Here’s Jason McIntyre checking in:

It’s true Embiid was poor with those turnovers. And he had a second half earlier in the series where he couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean. Tobias Harris also shot 33% in Game 7 and Doc Rivers used a ten-man rotation in that game. There is plenty of blame to go around, but Ben Simmons probably deserves the bulk of it for being a max player who doubled as a bystander in the fourth quarter on pretty much every half court offensive possession.

Another Ben take:

Well, he did it to himself.

No clue how people are still trying to defend Simmons after what took place this week.

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