“This is Maddening to Watch” – Baldy Breaks Down the Eagles’ Thursday Night Loss

We always like to turn to Brian Baldinger following an Eagles game. He’s breaking down the film and delivering nuggets of wisdom.

Here are some of Baldy’s findings from Thursday night:

“It was beyond absurd”

Yes it was! Beyond absurd that Miles Sanders only had one first-half carry.

Good to see Baldy get into the offensive line stuff (the position he played in the NFL), because it seemed like the O-line wasn’t playing very well in the first half. But when you’re asked to drop into pass protection or tread the RPO line 90% of the time, it’s hard to get a real feel for what these guys can do on a given night. Looks like they played relatively well.

“That’s not helping him develop.”

This looked funky in real time because it seemed like Devin White was coming on a delayed blitz, but he was actually responsible for Miles Sanders coming out of the backfield. So Tampa ended up in a three-man rush, which nobody should ever do at the NFL level. It should be fireable offense. You should only rush three if you’re Texas Tech or West Virginia or some other bullshit Big 12 defense that plays 3-3-5 or some other drop zone college scheme.

“This is maddening to watch”

Broken play. You can see the receivers just running dummy non-routes, so they expect that a run is coming. Sanders, however, is just going play action there. That’s not a read. So it was screwed up from the beginning and Hurts had to tuck and take it himself.

“I never see him drop a pass”

Glass half full with Quez Watkins. He’s been a nice surprise this year, basically what we thought we were getting with Jalen Reagor.

In a season chock full of disappointment thus far, Watkins has been a positive.

“Hurts got time to do it all right now”

It’s good to see Landon Dickerson playing pretty well. He’s a rookie coming off a bad injury, and holding up pretty well against a guy like Vita Vea. Go figure. That’s another nice surprise for the Birds. There are some bright spots on this team, even if it’s been mostly “meh” so far.

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