Tobias Harris Likes Mustard on his Cheesesteak… is Tobias Harris a Philly Guy?

from Tiktok

Tobias Harris with a HOT take:

Mustard on a cheesesteak? Is that even a thing? Do the cheesesteak shops even have a bottle of mustard or a dispenser where the napkins and other items are stashed? This is mind-boggling. It’s very clear that Tobias is not a Philly guy.

By the way, the best part about the “Philly guy” thing is that none of the athletes who play in Philadelphia are actually from Philadelphia. Only the Union academy kids. Joel Embiid, we would all agree, “gets it” much more than other pro athletes in this town. He’s the most “Philly guy” of all, yet he’s from Cameroon, so go figure. The most “Philly guy” in the four-for-four sports is from Africa. It’s a learned behavior.

And if it’s a learned behavior, then you can “unlearn” it as well, and Tobias needs to unlearn this mustard thing.

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