We Have Questions About the Bathroom Stall Video Clip, Starring Two Eagles Fans

from Instagram (@willlliamharris)

It would seem as though two Eagles fans were getting it on in one of the men’s bathrooms at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday. What else would they be doing in there? Talking football?

Here’s the video, which shows cops waiting outside one of the stall doors, and then out emerges a man and a woman:

Many thoughts here:

  1. Who snitched? And why? Imagine seeing two people in the bathroom stall and saying to yourself, “I must inform the police.”
  2. Why was he handcuffed, but not her?
  3. What’s with the random guy wearing a Cowboys jersey at a Panthers/Eagles game?
  4. Appreciate the guy yelling “let ’em finish.
  5. There’s a concerning amount of people filming this.
  6. The look on the cop’s face is like “I can’t believe I have to do this.
  7. That’s a nice bathroom. Better than the Linc.

Looking for a news article on this, with some more information, but there does not appear to be anything out there. I’d imagine they could get these two on some kind of indecency charge, or open lewdness, or whatever. Something in that general family of violations.

But the snitching is out of line here. Definitely not necessary. Who snitched?

We need answers.


Another angle:

@hickleberry_Bro was getting the sloppy jalopy and got arrested for it. Free my mans♬ original sound – hickleberry_

Look at her with the double fist pumps, playing up the crowd.