What’s Wrong with this Image?

via TNT

Charles Barkley on TNT’s hockey coverage is pretty good television. Some hockey fans are finding it a little cringe, but the general consensus seems to suggest comic relief and entertainment.

Last night he chastised Wayne Gretzky for losing a fight to “a guy with a perm” and then TNT staffers tried putting him in goalie pads that were backward:

Wrong legs. I don’t think anybody up there had any clue how they were supposed to be put on.

So they just went without the pads and had Gretzky take a few shots on Sir Charles:

Charles is always good entertainment with Shaq, Ernie, and Kenny, so why not throw him in with the hockey guys for a little bit?

Crossover stuff is fun. The best crossover was when Tony Bruno and Mike Missanelli used to share the mic from 1:50 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. A ton of laughs during that segment, which was a must-listen. That was back when Tony and Mike didn’t hate each other’s guts.