In Tuesday’s Inquirer, Zach Ertz took out a full page advertisement to thank Eagles fans:

Rob Tornoe shared the entire letter on his Twitter page:

Now this is a guy who gets it. What a player. An all-time Philadelphia Eagle and somebody who was easy to cheer for. Somebody who showed up, worked hard, and understood that if you put your time and energy into this city, they will give it back to you ten-fold.

Ertz was traded to the Cardinals and will be eligible to play this coming weekend, but here’s another cool quirk – his mom Lisa is the Executive Director of the Ertz Family Foundation and is staying in Philadelphia to see through the House of Hope project. The family has donated $200,000 for this project already and they’re asking you to chip in with a donation of $8.60, which symbolizes Zach’s #86 that he wore in Philadelphia. You can find all of the details about the project and a donation link at the following address:

Ertz Family Foundation