Baldy Gets Really Excited Breaking Down Eagles Offensive Line Play

We always like to share Brian Baldinger’s analysis because he’s a former Bird with a lot of interesting things to say.

Not much to break down recently from Baldy, but he got back in the saddle with two video clips stemming from Sunday’s 30-13 win over the Broncos:

“Just a gaping hole”

Nobody loves the shift to the run game more than the Eagles’ offensive line, we can assume. They don’t want to sit there in pass protection for 65% of the snaps. They want to get downhill and rumble, to pancake guys and put them on their rear ends. You’ve got a Pro Bowler at right tackle, a Pro Bowler at center, a mountain of a human being at left tackle, and between those two is a 2nd round draft pick who looks pretty good coming off injury.

I could watch Baldy break down offensive line film all day long.

That’s torque there! Bam bam!

One more clip:

“I felt like it was the Alabama spring game here”

It was quite the sequence, wasn’t it? Four Alabama guys involved in that play – Hurts, DeVonta Smith, Patrick Surtain, and Kareem Jackson. Another one on the field blocking, if you want to add Landon Dickerson. Didn’t we yell at Howie Roseman for years? Draft dudes from Bama! Good things happen.

Jalen Hurts is playing well and answering some long-term questions. He needs to lock it up, and prove he’s QB1 going into next season, or else the Birds will do something dumb, and reach for a guy in April.

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