Bundy Goes off on “Incompetent Corporate Mess” of a Flyers Organization

Anthony and Russ are keepers of all things hockey on this website. They started Snow the Goalie and turned it into a successful podcast, then Chris Therien joined the show as a third contributor this year.

The most recent STG episode might be the best ever. The crew was not happy with the way the Flyers executed Monday’s Hall of Fame and alumni activities, which took place early on a week day, on a school night, which cripples attendance. The festivities became somewhat buried and Rick Tocchet and Paul Holmgren didn’t get the crowd they deserved.

So the crew ranted about that on the pod, and this from Bundy was pretty incisive:

I appreciate Bundy rotating the flamethrower to point it at NBC Sports Philadelphia as well. Spare no one! Everybody must face the fiery wrath of Flyers fans and alumni, who are justified in feeling the way they do.

The only take I can add, as a hockey outsider, is that at least Ed Snider was a hockey guy. He really loved the sport and the franchise and wanted to do right by the fans and alumni. He would always make sure these types of things were executed with the proper attention to detail. There was a standard that need to be met. This new regime feels a little artificial, like non-hockey people were given a hockey team and decided to run it off some cookie cutter blueprint that isn’t attuned to anything in particular. A hockey team should be run by hockey people.