Carson Wentz is expecting another child, and soon.

His wife is due to give birth any day now, but what happens if it’s Sunday? On game day against the “Jag-wires?”

He’s gonna play football, via Brandon Contes at Mediaite:

“I could get a call at any point here,” Wentz acknowledged to reporters this week.

“If it comes down to the game, I told my wife ‘I’m playing, and then I’ll see you at the hospital afterwards,’” Wentz explained. “She knew that. She’s been great. Coach has been understanding with meetings and everything – confident God will time it up the way it’s supposed to work out.”

The Birds need Wentz to play 75% of the snaps this year, or 70% with a playoff appearance, in order for the second round draft pick to instead convey as a first rounder.

Carson has so far played 597 snaps, which is 99.17%. He has played every snap in every game save for the Rams loss, in which the number was 92.5%. Right now, the Colts are averaging about 67 snaps per game, so the magic number is going to be around 850, if you extrapolate. 850 minus 597 is 253, and if you divide it up, Carson SHOULD get there with four more games. Playing a full four quarters in Houston on December 5th should do the trick.