Carson Wentz Snap Count Update: Oh My God, It’s Happening

from "the office"

The non-Eagles NFL story of this past weekend involved Carson Wentz and the birth of his second child. He said he was going to play against the Jags even if baby was on the way. He was committed to turning that second round draft pick into a first rounder.

Lo’ and behold, Wentz played 100% of the snaps on Sunday, 64 total. He’s now up to 661 on the year, which is 99%.

The Colts are now 5-5 and play the following schedule to close out the season:

  • at Bills
  • vs Bucs
  • at Texans
  • vs Patriots
  • at Cardinals
  • vs Raiders
  • at Jaguars

They have a legitimate shot at a wild card spot. Tennessee is 8-2, so Indy likely is not winning the AFC South, but there are a few more wins in that schedule, for sure. Even if they fall to 5-7, they will beat Houston at home to get back to 6-7. That should be enough for Carson to pass the 75% snaps threshold, with the formula looking something like this:

  1. magic number is ~850, about 67 snaps per game.
  2. 850 minus 661 = 189
  3. 189 divided by three = 62.9

So as long as the Colts average something like 63 snaps per game the rest of the way, Carson should trigger the first round pick at the end of the Houston game. At 5-5, there’s no incentive to bench Wentz, and as long as he doesn’t suffer a season-ending injury, the Eagles are very likely to get another selection in the middle of the first round.

Good bit of business there from HOWIE ROSEMAN.