We’re gonna get it back to the Eagles momentarily, but first a quick wrestling post.

Russ and Coggin are the wrestling guys at Crossing Broad, so this is more of their thing, but if you grew up in this region back in the day, you were likely an ECW kid. You remember the T-Bone Taz Plex and the Five-Star Frog Splash and all of that.

One of the more ridiculous and entertaining stables was the BWO, the Blue World Order, which was a spoof of WCW’s NWO, and Brian Heffron, who still lives in the area and is active on social media, shared a clip revealing that the BWO is now 25 years old:

Holy cow, that was 25 years ago? Yeah, I guess it was. The November to Remember pay-per-view, back in 1996. What an event. Sandman beat Raven to win the title. And Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer teamed up to defeat Shane Douglas (with Francine) and Brian Lee in a tag team finale.

This BWO thing at this PPV was actually a singles event. It was Big Stevie Cool vs. David Tyler Morton Jericho (Kid Kash), but Stevie came out with the Blue Meanie and Super Nova to begin the show. A parody. It was pretty damn entertaining.

Anyway, thought that was worth sharing. A blast from the past. Heffron is a cool dude and is a big Philly sports fan.