Nick Sirianni Gives Defender Benefit of Doubt on Hit that Concussed Dallas Goedert

Dallas Goedert is in the concussion protocol after taking a hit to the head during Sunday’s road win in Denver.

It was a 3rd and 11 play, with Jalen Hurts stepping up in the pocket, shuffling to his left, and then throwing a dart for the tight end, who was going to ground when safety Justin Simmons came in to finish the play.

Here’s the sequence in question, to jog your memory:

No flag on that hit.

Nick Sirianni was asked on Monday about Goedert’s status and that play in particular, and delivered a lengthy answer, saying this, in part:

Dallas is in the concussion protocol. Those hits happen a lot of times. I’m not here to ever question the integrity of another player or anything like that.

Those happen. You’re going in there and you’re going to get a hit and Dallas goes to the ground and the guy’s coming in to hit and where his head is normally was probably perfectly fine, but as Dallas goes to the ground, it becomes an illegal hit or whatever.

I’m not going to question the integrity of the player. I have a lot of respect for Justin Simmons. He’s a really, really good football player, phenomenal tackler. And he showed a lot of good open field tackles (Sunday). And I think he’s a first-class player and person, as well, of what I know of him. So, I’m not going to ever question that.

We always look at stuff. We always have a list of questions that we want to ask the referees after the game, just so we can help our players, teach our players.

But, hey, they got a hard job. The referees got a hard job and they got to make those things — we always talk about this in our coaches’ office. We have that remote in our hands and we can slow it down really slow, right, to show what’s happening in that play.

These plays are tough, because intent is impossible to judge. Only Simmons knows if he was pulling something dirty here. We’ve seen linebackers and DBs flagged a ton of times on sequences like this, because the offensive player’s body or head position changes in the blink of an eye, and there’s not enough time to pull out or adjust for a guy who has already committed himself to the tackle.

Seems like the Eagles are going to give Simmons the benefit of the doubt. The fans? Maybe not.