Nick Sirianni Says Benching Jalen Reagor is Not in “the Best Interest of the Team”

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Sirianni did his day-after press conference a short time ago.

First, an injury update:

  • Jack Driscoll has a high ankle sprain and looks like he’s going back to IR (this would rule him out for the rest of the year, since it would be his second time going on IR)
  • Brandon Brooks, no update until after the bye week
  • Jordan Howard is “progressing the right way” and we’ll have an update on Wednesday
  • Miles Sanders is “sore” and will be updated on Wednesday
  • Jason Kelce is also sore and we’ll get a midweek update

And now to the meat of the presser, and the Jalen Reagor questions.

First, Tim McManus asking Sirianni where Reagor is developmentally at this point in his career:

“I do believe Jalen is working himself – he does work extremely hard in practice to get himself better. When he had those opportunities (Sunday), we all want him to make those plays. Nobody wants him to make that play more than himself. He made a couple of nice plays, did make a nice catch on a pass that was a little bit behind him and did make a catch at the end of the first half to put us in scoring range. We didn’t execute to finish that (drive) off. You want consistency out of every player and we saw (Sunday) he wasn’t consistent throughout the game. He knows that and we’ve talked to him about that. Consistency is when you’re taking the next step in development. He’s shown he has playmaking capability, you just want to see that more consistently.”

Sirianni then confirmed that DeVonta Smith was the first read on the final play of the game. Smith was 1a, Dallas Goedert was 1b, and the defense the Giants were in eliminated that 1b read.

“We didn’t do a great job of executing the route discipline out of that play, with DeVonta and Quez (Watkins). It turned into a scramble and we got an open look,” Sirianni said.

Last question of the presser went to Dave Zangaro, who asked straight up if Sirianni had thought about benching Reagor:

“No, again, we go out there and we’re seeing who gives us the best chance to win. We play all five wide outs. I think Greg (Ward) gave us seven plays. J.J. (Arcega-Whiteside) played 15 plays. Obviously the guys who started, started. I’m comfortable with the roles they’re in right now. I have not thought about (benching Reagor) because I don’t think that’s in the best interest of the team. I think Jalen Reagor gives us the best chance to win.” 

Does he give you the best chance to win? It’s a fair question. Nobody wants to bench a first round draft pick in year #2 of their NFL career, but if he’s not making plays and not catching the ball, then do you justify more snaps for a guy like JJAW? He’s a bigger body and does some different things out there. Or, you can play 12 and 13 personnel and leave Reagor on the sidelines if necessary.

Right now Reagor is on pace to log fewer yards than he did last year, despite being projected to play six more games.