Nigel Bradham was a 2018 Super Bowl champion, but he had some run ins with the law during his Eagles tenure. You probably remember when he brought a loaded gun into an airport and the one-game suspension he served for punching an elderly pool assistant in the face and breaking his nose.

Bradham is not with a NFL team this season and has now been arrested on gun and marijuana charges, per TMZ:

TMZ goes on to say that Bradham told cops he did not have his medical marijuana card on him, though his name reportedly did not show up in a search of the registry. That’s when cops searched the rest of the vehicle and found the cheeba. The gun reportedly came back as stolen and he was charged with three felonies, which are “possessing marijuana with the intent to sell,” “use of a firearm in the commission of a felony,” and “possession of marijuana over 20 grams.”