Phillies Go SUPER Young with New Assistant General Manager

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Phillies news on a Thursday:

What were you doing at age 27? Probably not becoming a Major League Baseball executive.

Kilambi had been in Tampa’s system for five years, so he joined up when he was 22. His first gig was “Intern, Baseball Research and Development,” and then he was promoted to an assistant in that department. In 2017, he became a predictive modeling analyst, and then was promoted to his most recent role in November of 2018. If you want to feel really old, Kilambi graduated from high school in 2012 and college in 2016 (UC Berkeley).

This seems like a good hire on paper. Why? Because pulling somebody out of the Tampa pipeline always seems like a good move.

Keep in mind, the Phillies have a couple of assistant GMs already, in Ned Rice and Jorge Velandia. Sam Fuld is VP and General Manager, and those three guys work directly underneath Dave Dombrowski. There are some special advisors and special assistants and blah blah. So we’ll need to get more of a specific description for Kilambi to understand what exactly he’s going to be doing here.