Philosophical Questions with the Birds 365 Crew

Don’t look now, but your Philadelphia Eagles are 4-6 with a bunch of winnable games on the back end of this 17-game schedule.

Will they… make the playoffs? It’s not out of the question!

We talked about that and more today on the Birds 365 show with Jody Mac and Jeff Kerr:


  • Jalen Hurts’ development
  • Nick Sirianni’s coaching evolution
  • fitting players to a scheme, or fitting a scheme to players
  • can momentum be carried through an offseason?
  • Howie Roseman and drafting Alabama players
  • winning at home, and realistic fan expectations down the stretch
  • a lack of travel in the back-half of the schedule
  • is Jonathan Gannon inspiring anybody?
  • Crossing Broad comments
  • getting Jody and Glen Macnow to a soccer game