Our social media guy Dave put together his best “pick 3” of the year. Give him the Pulitzer Prize.

Here’s the exercise:

You gotta go through this list and select your top three Philadelphia sports fans. That’s your team. And yes, the selections are all mostly recent, because we were trying to pull these off the top of our head. If we went back further, we definitely would have included the Flyers fan who jumped into the penalty box to fight Tie Domi.

Your choices:

There are some good ones in here.

My selections:

#9 – Mare of Havertown

There might be some recency bias here, but Mary Kate of DELCO disagreed with the call on the field, and thought it was “fucking bullshit,” so she’s my first choice.

#12 – Richard Harkaway

He’s the urologist who flipped Russell Westbrook the double birds. He needs ring the bell this season. No ifs, ands, or buts.

#16 – Hakim Laws

He was out there catching babies. UNLIKE Agholor.

Give me your top three.