Prepare Your Fryer! Schedule Your Propane Delivery from Cynch!

Cynch Propane Delivery

We’re less than week away from Thanksgiving, which means there are less than seven days left to prepare for American spectacle that is the Turkey Fry. What better way to pay homage to Pilgrims than by dunking the majestic seasonal fowl into a hot oil bath? Before you even entertain the idea, you’ll need to prepare for the occasion and that starts with making sure you’ve got the propane you’ll need to fry your turkey. The issue, however, is that there’s plenty of prep to be done before the holiday and simply not enough time. Thanks to our friends at Cynch, you won’t even have to eave the couch to get your propane tank exchanged in time for Thanksgiving.

Cynch delivers the fresh propane tank(s) you need for your turkey fry right to your front door. A Cynch driver will come to your home, pick up your used tank(s) on the delivery date you schedule on their site, and deliver a fresh propane tank to your front doorstep, driveway, or porch. Thanks to propane delivery by Cynch, you won’t need to take your used tank to your local hardware or convenience store. In fact, you won’t have to get off your couch to get the tank(s) you need to fry that turkey.

New Cynch customers who sign up using our promo code ITSLIT5 at checkout can lock in a sensational offer for new customers. This offer for Crossing Broad readers gives new customers the opportunity to get their first tank exchanged for just $10!* It takes just 5 simple steps to get your propane tank(s) delivered right to your home.

  • Head over to
  • Enter your zip code to confirm you’re in the delivery area.
  • Order the number of tanks you need for your turkey fry.
  • Schedule your delivery date and location where you want the tank(s) dropped off.
  • Leave out your used tank(s) for the Cynch delivery driver to exchange at no additional charge.

If you find yourself in need of adding additional tank(s) to your rotation in order to fuel other propane appliances, Cynch will deliver a spare tank with no exchange required for just $59.99.

Cynch propane delivery

Once your Cynch has delivered your tank(s), will have to prepare your backyard for safely frying the turkey. It’s important to follow all safety precautions to prevent an accident. To get started, make sure you have the following:

  • A thawed turkey that has been patted dry. This will reduce the chance of a dangerous splash-back.
  • A pot large enough to safely fry your turkey, allowing for liquid displacement.
  • A propane-fueled burner that is of an appropriate size to set the turkey pot on.
  • A propane tank, delivered by Cynch, for each turkey you plan on frying. If you want to do a test fry in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and another one on Thanksgiving Day, will need two tanks.
  • A long-stemmed thermometer, which reduces the chance of you coming into contact with the hot oil.
  • A cooking oil, such as safflower or peanut oil.
  • A fire extinguisher.
  • A large outdoor space with plenty of distance from your house, patio, deck, awning, garage, trees and bushes.
  • Tarps and/or cardboard to cover a minimum radius of eight feet, which will protect the ground or concrete patio from absorbing, being stained, or being damaged by oil.

The typical splatter zone for turkey frying extends to a radius of five feet, so expanding the radius by another three feet should reduce the likelihood of dangerous splatters or damage to the ground or patio underneath.

Remember to use our promo code ITSLIT5 when you schedule your first tank exchange.*

*Plus sales tax where applicable. Valid through 12/31/21. Offer valid in Cynch service areas only. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for details.