The Cowboys are Back, and by “Back,” We Mean Choking Away the Division Lead and Punching Opponents in the Face

from CBs broadcast


Dallas lost again on Thursday night, this time in OT to the Las Vegas Raiders. That’s three losses in four games to drop them to 7-4 on the season. All of a sudden, the NFC East title is not out of reach for the Birds.

In typical Cowboy fashion, one of their classy, high-character guys decided to throw a punch after the final whistle:

I never understood punching a guy who is wearing a helmet.

But anyway, the Cowboys are 7-4. The Eagles are 5-6.

Here’s the remaining schedule for each team:

  • Eagles: at Giants, at Jets, BYE, vs. Washington, vs. Giants, at Washington, vs, Cowboys
  • Cowboys: at Saints, at Washington, at Giants, vs. Washington, vs. Cardinals, vs. Eagles

Neither team has to run the gauntlet, but Dallas will get a Saints team that’s in better shape health-wise than what the Eagles had to play. Arizona is super tough as well.

Washington is the X factor here. The Eagles and Cowboys aren’t going to go 4-0 against WFT, are they? It doesn’t seem likely. Feels like there’s a loss in there for one of those squads.

Regardless, it’s great to see the Cowboys lose, and make the division race interesting. It should have been wrapped up by now, but Dallas pulled a Dallas and choked it away.

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