“This is Jim Johnson Stuff” – Baldy Loved the Eagles’ Sunday Performance

In recent weeks, Brian Baldinger hadn’t done many Eagles breakdowns. This was during a stretch where they were still kind of stinky, and hadn’t begun running the ball down opposition throats.

But after two impressive wins, Baldy is back. He loves what the Eagles are doing. I think this is actually a Baldinger record for Birds breakdown videos on a Monday morning. He did nine of them. Nine!

For your viewing pleasure:

“Is there a more appropriate name in the whole NFL right now?”

No, there is not. Darius Slay is playing at an All-Pro level and he’s got more touchdowns this season than Darren Waller, David Njoku, and Courtland Sutton, etc.

“this is Jim Johnson stuff”

Jonathan Gannon called a great game. It’s good to see him throw caution to the wind and mix things up, instead of sitting on the conservative stuff from the first half of the season. Trust the personnel, and if they aren’t good enough, so be it. You’ll make those upgrades via the draft.

“the Saints have been chasing Jalen Hurts for two games now”

I hadn’t seen the all-22 back-angle view of the Granderson play until now. What a juke. Absolutely ridiculous play from Jalen Hurts.

“they ran the ball against the best run defense in football”

Lane Johnson’s return is perfect. Kind of an underrated storyline. Andre Dillard did a good job at left tackle during Lane’s absence, but when Johnson is at RT and Jordan Mailata on the left, it’s hard to disagree with Baldy. It’s probably the best tackle tandem right now.

“Saint Nick was on his game yesterday”

That jailbreak screen could have/should have gone for a touchdown. You saw DeVonta Smith slap the ball in frustration because he knows he was close to taking that into the end zone. Great Nick Sirianni play calling game.

“he just lifts him up off the ground”

For what it’s worth, Marcus Davenport is 6’6″, 265 pounds.

“Everything about this play is perfect”

Great protection. The line has been really fun to watch lately. Maybe we do a film breakdown strictly on the offensive line this week. What say you?

“he jumps over the man Kelce just knocked over and continues to block him”

They showed a replay of this on the broadcast, and I think Mark Schlereth made a note to point out the Kelce block here. That’s vintage #62. He’s been doing that his entire career.

“you talk about having your back side protected”

It’s hard to believe Mailata has only been playing football for a few years. What Jeff Stoutland has done with him is nothing short of incredible.

Go Birds.