Angelo Cataldi had the Scrub Daddy Guy in Studio (Plus, a Ratings Note)

Slow news day so figured we’d do a post on this.

Angelo Cataldi and crew had the Scrub Daddy guy in the studio on Tuesday. Aaron Krause. He’s a local guy and a huge hockey fan, and he made the smiley face sponges that you can grip:

This sponge is almost 10 years old. The guy made it back in the day and then went on Shark Tank in 2012 and cut a deal with Lori Greiner. Now the company has made millions and you can buy the Scrub Daddy everywhere, like Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.

Can’t say I’ve ever used one of these sponges, however. I usually just scrunch up a regular sponge and tilt the bowl or the glass at an angle, then shove my hand down there to get the job done. It works okay, but maybe some people have bigger hands, like Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend, “man hands.” I’d imagine Andre the Giant had trouble cleaning his fine china bowls after family gatherings.

By the way, in somewhat interesting radio news, the John Kincade show defeated both Angelo and Preston and Steve during a recent one-week period. That’s not important in the larger ratings game, but unique considering that Angelo and WMMR have totally dominated morning radio for years now. Typically Preston and Steve blow out the competition with Howard Stern-esque numbers, then Angelo is second with a really strong and consistent showing (he has a very loyal base). Ad rates aren’t set on “weeklies,” but they can help identify trends on a smaller scale. It’s the larger books that matter.

We don’t do ratings posts these days because Nielsen is a joke and data sets were always incomplete. For instance, one station used to get their streaming data wrapped into their Nielsen number, but the other didn’t. Now both wrap the stream+meter together, so it’s more accurate, but that doesn’t take into account simulcast data, like Youtube views or the ratings Mike Missanelli gets on the NBC Sports Philadelphia show.

I will continue to “effort” information on this topic, and maybe we’ll get back to RADIO WARS numbers at Crossing Broad.

BTW, you can see some of the caller board in that clip, and four people wanted to talk Birds:

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