FAKE OUTRAGE ALERT: Eagles Fans Upset Because Social Media Team is Taking a Few Days Off

This appeared on the Eagles’ Twitter account Wednesday:

The social team is taking a few days off. No big deal. Everybody deserves a long weekend here and there, and the bye week is the only time when NFL folks can step out for a bit.

HOWEVER, some people aren’t happy about this. Some people with nothing better to do than bitch and complain on social media.


Bullet points 1 and 2 are insanely stupid. It’s the bye week man, the Eagles’ Twitter account doesn’t need round-the-clock staffing. Bullet points 3 and 4 are fair enough, I guess. Just schedule some Pro Bowl shit for the weekend before taking off? That works.

Here’s another one:

What do you want them to do? Sit there on Saturday afternoon posting fluff? Give the folks their time off. They can do holiday shopping, take their kid to see Santa, go hiking in the woods, etc. Everybody could use a break from Eagles football, even people who work for the Eagles.

One more:

“Where is the Pro Bowl tweets?” Who gives a fuck about the Pro Bowl tweets? It’s the holiday season, yo. Put down the phone and go outside. Check out the holiday lights. Take your wife out to dinner. We’re talking a couple of days here, and then the social media team will be BACK IN BUSINESS BABY. Plus, they’ll be rested and recharged and ready to DELIVER the important content down the stretch.

Christ almighty.