Get Pumped for Basketball with La Salle’s Smoke Machine

The La Salle Explorers beat the absolute piss out of Fairleigh Dickinson University on Tuesday night. They clobbered the Knights by 26 points, sending FDU to a miserable 0-8 record on the season.

But that’s not important.

Before the game, we had a court entrance highlighted by the world’s most intense smoke machine:

You gotta go bigger than that, yeah? You need something more apt for a college basketball team. This looks like a smoke machine that the local cover band would bring to their show. I think Fuzzy Bunny Slippers used this same smoke machine when they played the “Egypt” night club back in 1998.

Let’s chip in to get La Salle a new smoke machine. I’ll fire up the GoFundMe. Also, shout out to my cousin Bern.