Jeffrey Lurie is REPORTEDLY More of a Jalen Hurts Believer than Howie Roseman

Howie at the Pitt/UNC game

Should the Eagles continue with Jalen Hurts?

It’s kind of a philosophical thing at this point. I PERSONALLY BELIEVE they can win with Jalen if they build a great defense and commit to running the ball, but does Jeffrey Lurie believe that? Warren Sharp? The shadowy analytics guys, LURKING behind the scenes?

And what about Howie Roseman? He was out there scouting the Pitt/UNC game a few weeks back, with Kenny Pickett and Sam Howell taking snaps.

Jeff Mclane at the Inquirer got into this with a Friday column titled “Jalen Hurts’ future with the Eagles could rest on Jeffrey Lurie’s patience.”

Here’s the most intriguing passage:

Lurie is said to still believe in Hurts, but Roseman’s assessment is less confident, two independent sources familiar with their thinking said.

The Eagles may have no other choice but to ride with Hurts next season. The draft is still a ways out, but there isn’t expected to be a first-round talent among the quarterback prospects in this class.

We know Lurie wants to throw the ball. Howie, too. They’ve both been in sync with the type of quarterbacks they’ve pursued over the years, i.e. the mold of taller white dudes who can sling it. Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, and then the Clayton Thorsons and Kevin Kolbs of this world. Hurts is really an outlier when you go through the QBs they’ve brought in over the past 15 or so years. You’d have to go back to Michael Vick and early-career Donovan McNabb to find the last true “dual threat” guys that have been under center.

That’s why this thing is so fascinating. Will Howie and Jeffrey fundamentally change who they are and commit to Hurts? A few years ago, we would have said no way. But it’s an interesting scenario and the current biggest Eagles topic.

Good Jeff column, full link here: