RADIO WARS: Joe DeCamara Hangs Up on Howard Eskin for Mocking Joel Embiid and Calling Him a “Drama Queen”

"The Hammer" and "The King"

The other night, Howard Eskin openly speculated about Joel Embiid’s vaccination status on 94 WIP.

Thursday, he was on the midday show with his former producer, Joe “The Hammer” DeCamara, and they began arguing about the Sixers. Joe hung up on him after the conversation turned to Embiid, who Howard described as a “drama queen.”

Here’s the audio:

Good stuff. Howard is speculating about something serious and then making stupid and juvenile noises while insulting a guy who played through a meniscus tear this past summer. And Joe is right, nobody knows how serious each individual COVID case is. Some people are hit hard by it and others aren’t. You can’t assume the guy is being soft. Plus, Howard has had an anti-Sixers agenda going on for almost a decade now and has been overly critical of everything about the franchise during that time frame.

The King needs to retire. Maybe we can get a “two-fer” in 2022 retirements, and send Howard and Angelo out together.


Neither Embiid nor the Sixers have commented one way or another on his vaccination status. Back in November, Noah Levick at NBC Sports Philadelphia reported Embiid was vaxxed, and Dan Feldman at Yahoo Sports wrote the following in response to a Shams tweet:

“The possibility of Embiid returning with two negative tests, rather than just waiting the 10-plus days, indicates he’s vaccinated. Even when they have rare breakthrough cases, vaccinated people tend to have shorter-lasting illnesses (and less-severe outcomes).”

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