Remember when Manny Diaz took the Temple job, only to renege two weeks later and go back to Miami? Of course you do. It was a weird situation because Mark Richt decided to up and retire out of nowhere.

Well fast forward a couple of years and Diaz is 21-15 at Miami. He went 7-5 this year in an ACC so stinky that PITTSBURGH won the conference. It was the first good Pitt Panther football season since the leather helmet era.

Miami is scheduled to play in the Sun Bowl against Wazzou, but the ‘Canes are reportedly chasing Oregon’s Mario Cristobal and haven’t fired Diaz:

YES, thank you, C. Austin Cox. There will be no sympathy for Manuel Diaz in these parts. If he doesn’t like the current situation, maybe he should have won more games. They lost three ACC games by three points this year, three games they absolutely could have won. And last season they were 8-1 before losing their last two games. They also lost 14-0 to Louisiana Tech in a bowl game.

Say what you will, but this is Miami. This is the U. It’s the school of Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, and Warren Sapp. They aren’t going back to the promised land with Manny Diaz, who left Temple to take his shot and couldn’t get the job done.

That’s a shame!