Miles Sanders at 2:04 a.m., after a fantastic performance in a 27-17 win:

Who is he talking about here? Jalen Reagor? The entire team in general? There didn’t seem to be a discernible singular moment of booing that came across on the “telly,” as the Brits would say.

But we do this once per year with a Philadelphia sports team. We’ve done it with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid and all of those guys. When the team  or an individual isn’t playing well, the fans have limited avenues in which to express their displeasure. Booing is one of those. So they boo, which is code for “we know you’re not playing as hard or as well as you can.” Then the team or player cleans it up and they are heaped with praise and the boos turn into cheers.

It’s not rocket science, and never has been, though a younger generation of fans and players believes more in the empathetic human approach. The unconditional support approach. You saw that with Markelle Fultz a few years ago, which he himself acknowledged recently. So the idea of Philly fans being overtly boorish isn’t entirely accurate. We’ve got plenty of assholes in this fan base, which can be said for all professional sports teams, but most supporters who boo will also cheer and show support when things are going well. You get the highest highs and lowest lows when you play here.

It’s the rollercoaster of Philly fan emotion and support. No sense fighting it.

Edit – People do think he’s talking about Reagor here, who apparently was getting grilled after every play. That didn’t translate on television, but if we’re killing the guy every time he touches the ball then maybe we’re getting into the territory of counterproductivity.